My Design History

I remember being curled up under a blanket on top of the heat register in my mothers family room pouring over her old issues of architectural digests. I loved the floors plans most, and would create my own. Redecorating my room was a favorite past time, whether it was wallpaper, paint, textiles, or simply rearranging the furniture, I loved to design my space even then. We moved often and touring open homes was intriguing to me even in elementary school, it gave me ideas for my own floor plans. In middle school I was introduce to drafting in an elective, I became energized and vowed then to become an architect.

But, as often happens to young dreams, I grew and my interests expanded. Adolescence brought about a new passion, the brain. I began to delve into psychology; cognitive neuroscience, research and clinical psychology. I ultimately went on to graduate school and became a therapist. And then life changed again, I had three children and with each child became more part time in my work, until finally stepping away completely after my third was born.

Design and interiors never left my life, despite the career change. My husband and I remodeled our way (much of it DIY, and even some large scale remodeling) through two homes. And you know the saying, do the work that energizes you, the “work” that you find yourself doing for fun, to relax, or in your free time? The “work” that ultimately isn’t work because its how you “play”? Well thats where I am now, starting this Interior Design business is play. Lets have some fun!