ORC – Hall Bathroom Week 1


Here we go! Its my first time participating in the One Room Challenge, but I’ve been following and enjoying this challenge for a while. Some of my favorite designs and transformations were featured on ORC. I mean, look at this Master Bedroom, or this Office, or this Bathroom.  Here’s some more info on the ORC. Basically you will get to watch me make a space in 6 weeks! Yes, only 6 weeks. Obviously I’ve been mentally remodeling the space for much longer than that, but the work and finishing touches are happening fast.  The ORC is great because it allows you to see the full process designers use to create a space, planing, mood boards, selecting finishes, budgeting, etc.

The Plan

Our Hall bathroom is one of the most used spaces in our home, it’s the guest bathroom and the kid’s bathroom. During our large remodel of our common space (kitchen, living/dining room) we even used this bathroom as a make shift kitchen sink, coffee station. Maybe I’m due for a post about surving while living in the remodel. Since its one of the few spaces that has remained untouched, we decided its time to tackle it. Noticing mold in the grout and an uncleanable ring around the base of toilet and tub was also a big motivator. The mirror is builder grade and heavily distorted, I mean I love looking wider and all, not, but its time to go. The Bathtub faucet is an anomaly, the edge of it is sharp and worn away from I’m guessing years of hard water build up? I don’t know, but its freaks me out every time the kids take a bath, if they hit it, they would defnietly get a cut. I know they make cute covers, but my kids just pull them off, so no point. The current tile is very much not to my liking, and the vanity is also cheaply made and due to the finish wont take a coat of paint. Its at the point where it never looks or feels clean despite deep cleaning.

Heres what we are working with…


The pictures don’t do it justice, I swear. Also, don’t ask about those randomly placed ikea hooks/knobs on the wall. We’ve lived with this for almost 5 years! Amazing that I didn’t just start breaking tiles after 1 year.

So this is a bathroom, one that is used by three children and guests, it needs to be durable, forgiving, and budget friendly. About 4 years ago we remodeled our master bath- it was rushed and low budget due to a pipe burst and some damage. I really wanted matte black faucets and hardware. Unfortunately 4 years ago, matte black was just starting to catch on, the only options were soo expensive and special order- either we didn’t have the time to wait and see if we liked them or we didn’t have the budget. I settled on brass/gold (I’ll show it on the blog soon). We like it, but I never got over matte black, so when it came time for this hall bathroom, I knew matte black was a big starting point.

I’m hoping to have a clean, modern, relaxing space, but with my usual love of high contrast. I find most of my rooms have a hint of drama and high contrast- they aren’t washed out, even with all the white and neutral elements.

So far I’m still teasing out the accessories and decor so this is the hardscape mood board, I can be very picky about art, and finishing touches. But without further ado here’s where we are going…

Untitled design-2

mirror  | vanity | shower faucet | sink faucet | hexagon tile | subway tile | toilet

We found this very budget friendly white vanity, it came with a sink and countertop. It had the option of marble or quartz. Marble is beautiful, but this is a heavy use bathroom with kids, so we went with durability. For the floors, I’m loving hexagon tiles, and so are a lot of others. This tile is affordable, easily picked up at lowes, is neutral while still being interesting. The bathtub is staying, its in ok shape, a few nicks. The tub is cast iron, its crazy heavy and its white- so it stays. The walls are going to be a classic and modern 3×12 subway tile. But instead of the typical layout, we are going horizontal grid.

Then of course, vanity hardware will be changed out to matte black pulls and knobs. Faucets, matte black. The mirror was a nice find, look at that price! Its not the highest quality mirror, but its not distorted to make everything wider, and its pretty. Its got a rustic vintage feminin vibe, which is welcomes in this otherwise modern clean lined space.

The toilet is gong to be a toto, vespen II, it allows for adjusting the distance from the wall, because it offers the toto unifit adapter which gives the perfect fit for a 10, 12, or 14” rough in. Moving plumbing isn’t alwasy an option, so unifit comes to the rescue.

Well there you have it! The hard finishes are planned and we can break ground! See you next week for week 2. If you want to see what other designers and bloggers are cooking up, head over to ORC.


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