ORC- Hall Bathroom Week 2


We’re back! Week 2 of the One Room Challenge. In Week 1 I laid out the basic plan, and it’s really happening guys, the demo is DONE. All the old blue tile is gone, and get this, all the NEW tile is in! The rough plumbing is mostly done, we decided to change the shower valve. We had a 3 handle set up, which is an older or more traditional style. Because most shower/tub faucets are one handle, we weren’t finding any in our price range in matte black. It was an easy fix for our contractor. We choose to hire out for the demo, tiling, and plumbing. We are going to do a few DIY things, like paint, and texture the walls. We decided to hire for the small elecrtical changes.


Demo was messy! Fortunately our guys covered the house pretty well.


But look at where we are now? (please excuse the crappy iphone photos, I wont break out the real camera till we are done styling)


So much of the big stuff is done! I LOVE the grid layout. There is nothing wrong with staggered subway tile, used it for several other spaces. But grid, whether horizontal or vertical, is more modern and clean looking.

Oh, and I have never had a niche, and we finally do! I think the kids are going to enjoy using the new landscape for playing with their toys. We went with a white metal schluter around the subway tile, and I am so happy we did. initially we were going to use matte black to match the faucet. It would have been ok, and I’ve seen some bathrooms that it looked great in, but for this space, the white was the right choice. And lets just give a quick praise to schluter for letting us have simple modern tiling without beveled edges! Sometimes you don’t want a bevel.

Also this week, picked out my lights (will be sharing them soon), and I’m playing around with some decor. Looking pretty!



Still to do; complete plumbing, electrical, new drywall, patch and texture, paint, install toilet, install faucets, install lights, hang mirror, decorate/style! Whew, that’s quite a bit.

Well that’s all for this week, hopefully we continue with this momentum, and if you get a chance, pop in and check out what others are doign for their One Room Challenge.

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