ORC- Hall Bathroom Week 3



One Room Challenge week 3! We have made so much progress.  Tile and rough electrical are DONE. The vanity is in, the faucets are in. We have working plumbing. Such a beautiful sight! This clean slate is going to be so fun to style.

So, you may notice that there drywall isn’t textured or mudded. Thats because I have to carve out the time to do this..eek! But we really needed the second toilet in. Over the last week we had several instances where three people needed to go, 2 of them being kids unable to hold it. There may or may not have been some peeing in the bushes in the backyard….So yeah, we will either cover the toilet well or remove the tank part to get around it. Thats the plan.

Whats left is really all up to us. Here’s what we still need to do: mud and texture over the new drywall, paint the walls and baseboard, hang the mirror, decorate and style! The electrician will come back to add the finishing pieces, but not till we get the walls all done. The kids are super excited about the bathroom. All in all its been a fairly smooth experience for our family of five sharing one bathroom. Definitely helps that our kids are young enough to not mind too much, and our toddler isn’t potty trained, but oh that’s planned to start when this bathroom is done.

Here’s some crappy iphone photos to enjoy!


About the sconce placement (that sconce on the counter is an old one, new ones showing up soon), the pics only make it look uneven, its level in real life. But I am a little worried about the height. Last minute I changed the height to be a couple inches lower, wanting the flexibility to lower the mirror and also knowing that the sconce attached lower than the bulb. But, I may have made the wrong choice, so we may go in and raise it….if it drives me crazy. And yes, our door hardware is pretty bad, something on the list to update, along with the actual doors. This house was made with hardwood floors that were covered with carpet for years, so all the doors are cut to accomodate carpet, which we don’t have any more.


Guys, this toilet is awesome. Its a TOTO, its skirted, so cleaning is easier, and it works with the unifit so it allows for 3 different rough in distances.

So there you have it, lots done, still lots to do. Check out what others are doing here.


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