ORC- Hall Bathroom Week 4


Getting close! Week 4 One Room Challenge. We are doing things a bit out-of-order. Electrical is all in, but the walls are not textured or painted. We had to get lights and mirror up so our guests had a somewhat finished bathroom for my daughter’s birthday party. We will have to take the mirror down and of few pieces of the sconces off and then cover the rest really well to paint. But what it looks like now is such a big improvement! The room feels bigger and brighter already. The height of the mirror makes a big difference.


I’m on the hunt for the perfect accessories. The rug is always tricky, I can get in a loop mulling over beautiful vintage rugs. Pro tip- Have an inspiration piece to pull from. Like a piece of art or rug, and build the design off of it. I did not do this, this project had all sorts of project creep going on. If you don’t know what project creep is, it’s when you do or plan a project, and then a bunch of other projects start to need doing.

For example, we started out this bathroom just planning to change the vanity and mirror and lights. Yes, no tile changes, no rerouting electrical. Well, when I saw the new vanity I couldn’t imagine putting it in the blue tile mess that we had. So tile became a part of the plan. Then we realized that the lighting needed to be not only updated, but placement needed altering due to the mirror, and we HAD to have a light above the bath. Giving the kids baths with it is very helpful. So there you are, a mainly cosmetic change turned into a major renovations. Oh and then there’s the unexpected, like whoever remodeled the bathroom previously used incorrect sizes for the p-traps and no new drains would install with it, so ultimately they had to redo the plumbing under the tub! Good thing I had a great team doing the tile and plumbing- another Pro tip- HAVE A GREAT TEAM.

A great team is one that cleans up after themselves every day, is flexible with your design changes (because there will be many!), charges fairly (not cheap!), produces good solid work, and is nice/tolerates to your kids! Ha, that last one is specific to me. My team had quite the inside view to my kids meltdowns and drama. There were siblings issues, toddler tantrums, kids moving in and out around them quickly. They were great and even got sweet byes from my littlest.

Still to do: drywall – tape/mud/texture, caulk, paint room, add filler pieces on side of the vanity, install a floor reducer at the threshold, finalize accessories, take some sweet pictures (this is going to be challenging due to the size of the bathroom and the wall). Not that much left!

Well that’s all for week 4 of the ORC. Check out some fo the other fantastic projects here.



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