ORC- Hall Bathroom Week 5

One room challenge week 5!

My rug came and its lovely.  I wanted some color, some vintage vibes, and one that was thin enough that we didn’t have to shave the door any more- it was a win win.

I picked out some more decor for the space, but besides that, not much has happened. We hosted my daughters frinds for a rockin 6th birthday party, and it really took up the weekend. We couldn’t start dry wall work and have our guests deal with the dusty mess, so we waited. This weekend I have a drywall guy coming to do it right for us. Then on Sunday, I will paint like a mad woman. Going with white, white, and more white. My whole house is painted white right now. I do think a future room project will lead to some other wall colors, but this bathroom needs the white.

Still to do: drywall, paint, threshold reducer, decor, style & photos. Going to have to really crunch the beginning of next week to get it all done.

And, as stressful as this project was, I’m already planning my next one. But its not a big reno, just some painting and decorating. Really excited about it.

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