Bathroom Budget and Sources


I really liked participating in the One Room Challenge. There was definitely a feeling of “we are in this together”. Lots of supportive people working on complex and fun spaces.

Before I get into the sources for the bathroom, lets talk budget.

I could NOT find any accurate info on costs before we did our large remodel a few years ago. And part of that is because “it all depends” on sooo many factors. But the more designers and consumers openly share, the more others can get a clear picture of how this works.

Labor for this project, which included; demo, tiling, installing new vanity and toilet (remember I kept the same tub), updating shower valve, replace wall plumbing pieces, dry wall replacement and texture (where the old tile covered the wall surrounding the toilet), adding light above the tub, changing to two sconces instead of one overhead light above the mirror, and replacing outlets and switches. All this labor costed about $6000. I live in one of the highest cost of living areas in all of the US, don’t even think of owning a home under $1M kind of area. That means labor here is often higher than other areas.

But even so, what I paid was a STEAL. I attribute that to working with great professionals who I have used in the past and have rapport with, as well as acting as my own General Contractor. I hired my teams separately and managed what needed to happen and when. If I had hired a GC, they would have hired all the sub workers and then tacked on 20%, sometimes more. GC are absolutely invaluable when you get into big projects, or if you don’t know anything about remodeling and don’t have any good contacts for hiring the right team. I’m not knocking the mark up of a GC, its well worth it often time. But if you can (and be real with yourself, not everyone can), you will save a lot by acting as your own GC.

Also- know the scope of work, and get the quotes ahead of time. A change order is what happens when you decide to do something different or add something last minute during a project. Most of the time its going cost you more that way, then if you had a detailed contract outlining the work. It can also delay the project, which in turn costs time and money.

So labor was $6000 and items I purchased ended up coming to about $1800. So this was a $7800 bathroom remodel. Not too bad for one of the most expensive places to live in the US. And if you’re someone who always thinks of the return on investment, I would imagine this remodel would have great return if/when we decide to sell.


48” Vanity

Rug (vintage find)








Shower and Bath Faucet



Small canvas paintings (made by me)



Wall tile

Floor tile


Art on wall next to toilet

Toilet Paper Holder



Hand Towel

Candle (made by me)

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