Living Room: ORC- Fall 2020 Week 1


Here we go again! Its my third time participating in the One Room Challenge, I did in Spring 2019 before we even knew we would be selling our house when I remodeled the hall bathroom. I registered for the winter 2019 ORC, but life was not wanting that to happen, so I made the choice to sit it out. Then I registered and completed (but without any sharing!) the ORC for Spring 2020. I will have to do a post on thast some time. So I’m a little inconsistent and we will see how well I do this time with posting.

For those unfamliar with the ORC, you will get to watch me make a space in 6 weeks! Yes, only 6 weeks. I’ve been mentally remodeling and planning for much longer than that, but the work and finishing touches are happening fast.  The ORC is great because it allows you to see the full process designers use to create a space, planing, mood boards, selecting finishes, budgeting, etc.

We will be working on our living room. It has great bones, but needs some updating to be up to my taste. Definitely replacing the floors. We will already started replacing all the carpet in the house with Stuga wood floors and we LOVE them. So next is the laminate.

Here’s the before from the listing when we purchased the house:

See, good bones. Staged in the traditional way homes are staged, baby blue walls? Don’t ask me.

Here’s when we did what we could when we moved in over a year ago.

It’s been cute, but the room felt like it didn’t have structure. Its a large space and most of it was open. The kids liked it, but it didn’t feel cozy, I think we can do better. That rug has since been moved to our playroom, we do love that rug.

We did attempt a few things to try and make the fireplace work, adding a mantle and a mirror. And while I liked the look for christmas, it wasn’t my style year round, it was too busy and farmhouse-y. The stone looks much prettier in the photos than it does in person. Its very pale pink in person.

Heres the Living Room Mood Board:

Pretty huh?


  1. Replace the floors.
  2. Update the firsplace? First and foremost we are replacing our damper. It doesn’t seal well and we even had bees enter through the top in spring. We also plan to add an electric insert. No need to burn real wood (allergies and the environment). The new face lift may not be completed, but I will try!
  3. New Baseboards
  4. Figure out ideal layout
  5. The rest will all be decor, furniture placement, and styling!
  6. Paint touch ups
  7. Enjoy!

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