Living Room: ORC- Fall 2020 Week 3

Wow week 3 already for the One Room Challenge. This week it didn’t feel like much progress was made, but I did a thing I should have done a long time ago; we painted the fireplace!

I’m sure there are many people who loved the stone finish on the fireplace (I know our realtor did when he bragged about that upgrade he had the previous home owners do for the sale). But it just wasn’t my thing. It was very pink and cheap looking in person. Ultimately I want to cover it with drywall and Portola paints roman clay (I even have my samples to test colors) for the plaster look, but we have SO many projects happening that I knew it wasn’t going to get done any time soon and I had all I needed to finish this paint job.

I used flat Sherwin Williams paint in Alabaster (left over from my laundry/half bath room), and mixed in some baking soda. This was a total experiment, I’ve never used baking soda to thicken and create a chalk like paint before, but I knew if I didn’t thicken the paint it would never fill in between the stones, so I would be left with a lot of gaps or I would need to fill them prior to painting with either grout or drywall compound. I also knew I would need to do two coats since it wasn’t covering the stone completely with paint alone. I didn’t want to have multiple steps (read lazy) so I tested one side with the baking soda mixed paint and VOILA, it was thick and left a nice mildly gritty stone texture finish that wouldn’t require a second step!

Don’t mind the homeschool dining room in the corner. this is where I tried to use Chantilly Lace, the same color as the wall- it was too bright, so I went with Alabaster.

I really love the finish, it looks so much more lux and solid. I’m also glad I used SW Alabaster versus the brighter BM Chantilly Lace color on the walls. It softened the stone a bit to have the warmer white.

If you want to do this to your stone fireplace here’s the steps:

  1. Mix 2 parts paint to 1 part Baking soda (truthfully I just eyed my measurements, so it’s not very scientific, and depending on how thick and how gritty you want the finish you can adjust the recipe).
  2. Paint your stone fireplace. If you have stacked stone like mine without grout, be sure to get into the seams with enough thickness to fill any gaps.

Notes: I prefer flat paint, but I did another small project after with satin finish paint and it worked the same, the baking soda basically flattens the satin away.

Coming up next week are some big changes; Fireplace Insert, and FLOORS! So excited and exhausted just thinking about it. We have already replaced flooring in all our upstairs bedrooms and hallway, and our downstairs playroom. So we have some experience. Its a lot of work with many steps, floor removal, prep, laying the actual floor, and then finishing the trim and baseboards. But it will make a huge difference.

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